Michael’s YP Story

There is something truly special about the YP experience. The way in which you can make friends with people from such different walks of life – from rural and urban upbringings, in circumstances of both high and low socio-economic privilege, to the diverse array of religious and cultural perspectives represented in the YMCA NSW Youth Parliament – still astounds me. By the end of our ferocious debates, and there were many of those, the friendships formed weren’t over which side of the political or sporting spectrum anyone supported, they were over the combined passion for societal change shared by every member of the group.

IMG_1955However the strongest endorsement of the YMCA NSW Youth Parliament isn’t anything I could write. It is in the actions of my fellow Youth MPs as we sat in the chamber, as they shared personal struggles, all in the hope that we could bring about changed that stopped other young people having to face these mammoth challenges unsupported. Not everything that people brought to the table I agreed with. But with all of these diverse opinions, it was clearly visible that every contribution to those important debates was strengthening the level of discussion, and that it is important for all of these voices to be heard. YP is a brilliant channel to do just that and I encourage everyone to apply for 2013- you will not regret it.

Michael Wright
2013 Youth Member for Canterbury

Don’t delay, apply for the 2014 YMCA NSW Youth Parliament today! http://www.ymcansw.org.au/activity/nswyp


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