The Hand Over

What a year. What a Week. What a time in my life.

Being the YMCA NSW Youth Governor for the last year has been amazing but I step down, knowing that my successor is the right person for the role and will undoubtedly do an amazing job! This blog is dedicated to the hand over!

Whether it is the expansion of the program to the Legislative Chamber, speaking in front of the Premier of NSW, witnessing some of the most amazing debates I have ever witnessed or being an advisor for the first time… YP2013 has been the greatest learning experience of my life and I hope I have done the position justice.

As Youth Governor, I recognised the potential which social media held to reach out to our target audience; the engaged youth. I hoped to bring the excitement to YP2013 through Facebook and Twitter. I was also committed to attending as many community speaking events as possible, never passing up an opportunity to promote the program. It was amazing going to Melbourne to the Council of Australian Youth Parliaments to discuss how we, as a movement, can move forward together, stronger.

I make special reference to YMCA NSW who under their pillar of developing young people, has consistently ran the YMCA NSW Youth Parliament for the past 12 years. Their continued dedication to the Youth & Government suite of programs leaves us with the amazing Youth Parliament we know and love today.

To Brydan, mate, have fun with it and enjoy the role. The role is what you make of it, but continue on with the hard work of past Youth Governors before you bring your own personal ‘swagger’ to it.

Having said that, there are some serious… very serious goals you must meet. #demnumbers

1. After inheriting the Youth Governor (@NSWYouthGov) Twitter that was running a 100% following to followers account deficit, I have managed to grow the pie but also bring the ratio to a respectable 10% deficit. I look forward to Brydan running for the first time in Youth Governor History a Twitter Surplus! 😛

2. Brydan, I also noticed you only have 738 friends on Facebook… this must change. I look forward to seeing this rise to at least into the 4 figure mark.

3. Smile. As serious as the job is, and as important as it is to be on top of your game, it is important as Youth Governor to stop and smile! I expect a minimum of 5 smiles per day for the duration of your term.

In all seriousness Brydan, it is with great pleasure I hand over the duties of the YMCA NSW Youth Governor to you, and know that you have a mate in me if you ever need any guidance.


Geeth Geeganage
Former YMCA NSW Youth Governor
Current and Always Lover of YMCA NSW Youth Parliament.


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