We came, we saw, we conquered… Training Camp

Well wasn’t that an eventful weekend?!

From intensive parliamentary education to fun trivia and food challenges, Training Camp was definitely a weekend to remember! For the newbies, it was a warm welcome to the world of YMCA NSW Youth Parliament and for the returning YMPs, it was a welcome back!
Situated back at Camp Yarramundi for the first time since 2007, we found ourselves in an amazing campsite for the next two days. The weekend started off with meeting all 169 participants for the first time! It was wonderful to see all your fresh, mildly confused but excited faces as you met your committees and advisors for the first time.
Parliamentary education sessions for the Legislative Assembly and Council ran concurrently, with passionate mock debates held in both. Needless to say, with such a fantastic quality of debate at Training Camp, we can only begin to imagine what our parliamentary sessions will be like in the chambers!
With welcoming new participants, we were also excited to have our 2013 Press Gallery Interns on board at Training Camp this year! We extend a very warm welcome to Brendan Pearce, Danielle Cutler, Alok Joshi, Maddie James, Georgie Mitchell, and Daniel Dummer. Our Press Gallery interns will be working very closely with the Media & Public Relations Team at Residential Camp to keep the public up to date through fun articles, publications, videos and lots of happy snaps!
Training Camp has given us all a very short snippet of what is to come at Residential Camp, including the young leaders who will be leading our YMPs in the Chamber. YMCA NSW Youth Parliament is proud to say that we hold elections for people under 18! Elected in a true democratic fashion, we would like to wish a huge congratulations to our leaders:
Legislative Assembly:
  • Premier: Theodora Von Arnim, YMLA (Youth Member of the Legislative Assembly) for Marrickville
  • Deputy Premier: Dempsey Bloom, YMLA for Wollondilly
  • Leader of the House: Corinda Hollis, YMLA for Clarence
  • Leader of the Opposition: Matt Campbell, YMLA for Hawkesbury
  • Deputy Leader of the Opposition: Alexandra Saliba, YMLA for Shellharbour
  • Manager of Opposition Business: Annie Zhou, YMLA for Ryde
Legislative Council:
  • Leader: Leah Emmanuel YMLC (Youth Member of the Legislative Council)
  • Deputy: Brydan Toner YMLC
  • Leader of Government Business: Tina Zhou YMLC
  • Opposition Leader: Hayden Gray YMLC
  • Deputy: Elyse Hudson YMLC
  • Manager of Opposition Business: Richard Clark YMLC
(Watch this space to keep up to date as the other YP leaders for 2013 are announced!)
It was definitely an amazing weekend to say the least, and many of us are already suffering from YP withdrawals! From dropping to the ground multiple times in a day as victims of the sly eye game, to seeing a taskie whip out a bra and gallivant away in 4-inch high heels mid-mock debate… YP 2013 Training Camp will be one to remember!
Until July, keep up to date with the YP life on our social networking accounts and keep checking back to this blog!
Twitter: @NSWYthParl #YP2013 #YPlyf
Instagram: @nswythparl

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